Peninsula FC is a volunteer run organization that relies on the support and effort of its membership to make sure everything that needs to get done…gets done.

From being a board member…to coaching or managing a team…to a manual labour task or something within our clubhouse…there are numerous opportunities throughout the year where the club will ask for your help.

If the club can’t find any club based volunteers to help complete the jobs that need doing, then we may be forced to hire outside help which will cost $$$…thus potentially resulting in higher registration fees…which we try to avoid.

For those who are willing and available to help out when called upon…Peninsula FC offers a reward based system for our volunteers.

For every one hour of volunteer time a member contributes to the club – you will be given one entry into a year-end draw that will see the club award “monetary credits” that can be used towards future registration fees for any of our programs. (* max 10 entries per person)

If you don’t want to volunteer…you don’t have to.

If you do want to volunteer…there is a chance you could get win some $$$ to help pay for a future registration.

Volunteer Opportunities will be offered throughout the year via email notices if/when required.

Contact: volunteer@peninsulasoccer.ca