Turf Rental

All booking requests are to be made by completing the forms below.

Questions to the PSA Turf Coordinator at rental@peninsulasoccer.ca.

  1. Download and sign Blue Heron Field Rental Agreement and Use Policy 2023 – 2024
  2. Complete the Rental Request Form




Group Group description
0 Peninsula Soccer Organized practice or games scheduled by and with Peninsula Soccer Association
0 WSANEC Any WSANEC groups booking
$50 Youth organized non-for-profit Organized Non-profit Youth Play

Non-profit group renting for soccer programming, development play, player-pay events

$75 Adult organized non-for-profit Organized non-profit Senior Play

Non-profit group renting for soccer programming, coaching courses, user pay events and soccer related activities

$50 SD63 School District 63 (Mon to Fri 8am to 5pm during school year)
$150 Private or Commercial group Private soccer academies, private organized courses, player-pay soccer programming, and activities, bookings by private community groups