Tier 2 Information

If you are not aware…there will be some significant changes to Tier 2 soccer starting this fall season. The changes have come upon us quite quickly and, understandably, many questions are being asked by our soccer community. We hope the information below helps explain what is happening.

We also want to take the opportunity to emphasize that as a club we continue to be committed to providing Peninsula teams at all levels of play – Tier 4, Tier 3, and Tier 2 – and to supporting all our players to have fun, make friends, and develop as individuals.

Background context

Canada Soccer has a clear strategic vision for the development of all youth players. Part of this strategy is that there be four fully established levels of play (Tiers 1-4), an improved possibility of moving between the levels, and a more consistent Tier 2 experience.

Tier 2 soccer has existed in a variety of formats over the years on the Island. Most recently it was offered during the spring season only (Apr – June) for the U14-U18 age groups. The teams were administered by the Lower Island Soccer Association (LISA) and not by individual clubs.

In order to progress the strategic vision, starting in September 2024 Tier 2 soccer will:

  • Be club-based
  • Offer a full season of play (Sep-June)

How will a club-based Tier 2 structure work?

Few clubs in the lower island area have the player numbers to form Tier 2 teams. This means that multi-club partnerships are required in order to create sufficient teams to create a Tier 2 league.

What will the new Tier 2 season look like?

There will be two phases to the season.

  • Sep-Dec –  “Developmental phase” where T2 teams will play in a Lower Island league
  • Feb-June – “Competitive phase” where Lower and Upper Island T2 teams will play in a league until playoffs in June and possibly play into July if a team advances to the provincial championships.

NB In the early years of the new structure there will likely be some minor variations in how leagues are formatted depending on the number of teams that can be formed at each age level. See the 2024-2025 LISA Player Pathway Structural Implementation Plan for more specific details.

How much is the registration fee for Tier 2?

The exact figure is still to be calculated but is likely to be in the region of $1500-$1800.

How will this affect teams at Tier 3 (gold) and Tier 4 (silver) levels?

We are seeing steady growth in our numbers in the years since Covid. As consecutive age groups reach the U14 stage we are optimistic that we will increasingly have a sufficient number of players to form Tier 3 teams. However, the expansion of the number of Tier 2 teams clearly means that more of our Tier 3 players are likely to make the move to the Tier 2 level. Wherever we do not have sufficient players to form a Tier 3 team we will continue to form alliances with other club(s) and assist our players to find the best team for their development and enjoyment. We are well used to this and will adapt to the changes.

We don’t expect the changes to affect Tier 4 soccer in any significant way. We will continue to provide the best soccer experience for them that we can.

Can I try out for any Tier 2 team?

Yes. You can register with any club to play at any level. The same applies for Tier 2 – although we very much hope that you continue to register with us as a Peninsula player and try out for the Tier 2 team that our club is part of!

Will all players get equal playing time on Tier 2 teams?

We don’t know the answer to this question yet.

What if I am not successful in the Tier 2 tryouts but Peninsula doesn’t have a Tier 3 team at my age group?

Part of the agreement that we make with our Tier 2 partner clubs relates to providing opportunities to players who are not initially successful in making a Tier 2 team. As mentioned above, wherever we do not have sufficient players to form a Tier 3 team we will continue to form alliances with another club(s) and assist our players to find the best team for their development and enjoyment.

What will the time commitment be?

This is not yet finalized but could involve training three times a week and then a match at the weekend.

What will the travel commitment be?

Training sessions may take place at any of the Tier 2 partner clubs’ locations. If, for example, we partner with Saanich Fusion and Gorge then training may take place at Blue Heron or either of their grounds. The details of this will be worked out based on the numbers of players on a team from each respective club, availability of fields, etc.

In the “Development Phase” of the season (Sep-Dec) weekend matches will be played in the lower island area. In the “Competitive Phase” of the season (Feb-June/July) matches will also be played at upper island venues and maybe further afield if a team makes it to provincial finals!

Looking for more information?

Follow this link for a visual showing the Canada Soccer Player Pathway and the LISA Player Pathway (Community Pathway = Tiers 3 and 4, Competitive Pathway = Tier 2, Player Development Program = Tier 1).

Here’s the LISA implementation schedule for the new Tier 2 system again.

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to email the Board of Directors at President@peninsulasoccer.ca