Safe Sport


BC Soccer updated discipline, complaints, and appeals procedures

All complaints must be reported using one of the following methods:

File a Complaint – Online Form
Toll free Phone 1-866-921-8714 (For Tier 1 and Tier 2 Complaints)

Any person or organization reported for misconduct and all allegations of misconduct involving any of the following must be dealt with by a Judicial Body of BC Soccer except as otherwise stipulated herein:

1. Any form of physical assault

2. Language and/or profanity directed at a Match Official

3. Attempted abuse of a Match Official

4. Intimidating and/or threatening behavior

5. Misconduct involving racist or sexist comments

6. Complaints or inquiries referred to it by another Provincial Association

7. Misconduct by an Association Official within Members or Affiliated Organizations (even if participating in another capacity)

8. Misconduct at BC Soccer’s Provincial

9. Any other matter directly related to BC Soccer which a Judicial Body of BC Soccer, in their sole discretion chooses to handle

10. All alleged offenses other than those listed above may be dealt with by the Member or Affiliated

11. Organization in whose jurisdiction the alleged offense took place. Members and Affiliated Organizations may only deal with discipline that involves their own members, and that which does not meet/exceed the thresholds listed above.