Households with more than one member participating in the club require individual accounts, each with a unique email address.  As minors are not allowed to create profiles in PowerUp, a guardian (the main account holder) must signup the child first. Once signed up, the minor will have their own account in PowerUp, and can login and complete their duties/assignments within their own profile. To sign up a minor:

  1. Log into your PowerUp MemberZone account for your club.
  2. If the minor is not already in your profile, go to Profile >> Add a Family Member, and complete the entry. Save.
  3. Now, go to Profile >> Edit a Player, and add an email address for the minor. This *must* be a unique email address. Other members of the family cannot share your email.
  4. Once the desired profile is complete, Click the Volunteer Now! Link on the main menu. You will be presented with the available volunteer options based on your club’s setup. You are also presented with the application status of previous applications.
  5. Click Apply Now for the desired family member and season (where there might be more than one available).
  6. Complete the application