Are you interested in becoming a referee for Peninsula FC?  We’d love to have you!

Please read below for more information:


For those who are 12 and older and are interested in refereeing small-sided soccer (less than 11-a-side) the first step is to enroll and complete a Small-Sided Referee Clinic.

The first step for those who are 14 years of age or older and are interested in refereeing 11-a-side soccer is to enroll and complete an Entry Level Referee Clinic.

Please click on the link below to find out more information on how to register for a clinic

*Peninsula FC will reimburse the clinic costs for any referee who needs to be certified at either the small-sided (u6-u13) or entry-level (u14-u18)…and ref’s for the club during the year in which they become certified.

Clinics are scheduled randomly throughout the year, so if you see one that fits your schedule  – best to sign up for it before all of the spaces are taken.  You can register for any public course that is being offered.



Once you have completed a clinic and are certified…you will need to create a profile on our PowerUp page.


Households with more than one member participating in the club require individual accounts, each with a unique email address.
This process addresses volunteering and referee (game official) applications for minors in your household.
As minors are not allowed to create profiles in PowerUp, a guardian (the main account holder) must signup the child first. Once signed up, the minor will have their own account in PowerUp, and can login and complete their duties/assignments within their own profile. However, only members 18 and over can make purchases.
To sign up a minor:
  1. Log into your PowerUp MemberZone account for your club.
  2. If the minor is not already in your profile, go to Profile >> Add a Family Member, and complete the entry. Save.
  3. Now, go to Profile >> Edit a Player, and add an email address for the minor. This *must* be a unique email address. Other members of the family cannot share your email.
  4. Once the desired profile is complete, Click the Volunteer Now! Link on the main menu. You will be presented with the available volunteer options based on your club’s setup. You are also presented with the application status of previous applications.
  5. Click Apply Now for the desired family member and season (where there might be more than one available).
  6. Complete the application.

Please contact to let us know that your volunteer application has been submitted.

*All referees will need to re-apply through the Volunteer application link before the start of each fall/winter season to be included in our active list of referees for that year.


Once you are in our system…games will be assigned to you based on your certification level and age.

Game assignments will be sent electronically through to the e-mail that has been used in the profile.


When a game is assigned to you, please confirm or decline said game assignment ASAP.

This will allow our referee game scheduler ample time to find a replacement referee should you not accept the game.


Please use the SCHEDULE tab on your PowerUp referee page to update your availability for any days or times when you are not available.  This will assist our referee game scheduler when he assigns the games.

FIELD MAPS for our Mini’s and LOCATION MAPS for our Super 8 and Full Field games can be found on our Fields Tab on this website.

Please make sure you know where the field location is that you will be officiating at before you arrive at the field.

Referees will also be required to wear a proper officials uniform and have a whistle and assistant linesman flags upon arrival at the field.

*referee kits/equipment can be sourced out locally at Soccerworld.



Once you have completed a game (as either a lead referee or assistant referee) you will need to submit a game report to the club.  Login to your PowerUp referee profile and access the GAME RESULTS tab to submit a final score for the game.  Scores/Results are not officially kept for Mini or Super 8 games however you will still need to keep track of the score so it can be included in your game report.


Referee’s who complete a full field youth game will also need to file a second game report via the LISA website

LISA Referee Game Reports U14-U18

Referees will only get paid for PFC assigned games where a game report has been submitted via PowerUp.


Payment for completed games will be made via e-transfer on a monthly basis unless otherwise notified.


If you have any issues or questions please email for assistance.


U8 & U10 Mini House Rules


FORMAT:  4 v 4 (3 players + goalie) or 5 v 5 (4 players + goalie)

TIME: 2 x 20 min halves  (5 minute half-time break)


THROWN-INS:  No (player will have 5 secs to kick the ball into play from the sideline)

RETREAT LINE:  Yes  (players must back up to the midfield line on Goal Kicks)




FORMAT:  6 v 6   (5 players + 1 goalie) or 5 v 5 (4 players + 1 goalie)

TIME: 2 x 25 min halves (5 minute half-time break)


THROWN-INS:  No (player will have 5 secs to kick the ball into play from the sideline)

RETREAT LINE:  Yes  (players must back up to halfway between the goal and the midfield line on Goal Kicks)



Peninsula FC Referee Pay Scale

*A/R's will only be assigned to youth "T3" cup games

PSA's Policy on Respect for Referees and Assistant Referees

PSA’s Zero Tolerance Policy against Referee Abuse

Helpful Information

FIFA animation of offside rule
Official International Field Dimensions for Lining
Official Under 11 & Under 12 Playing Rules
Official Under 11 & Under 12 Field Dimensions for Lining
Official Under 9 & Under 10 Playing Rules
Official Under 9 & Under 10 Field Dimensions for Lining
Official Under 7 & Under 8 Playing Rules
Official Under 7 & Under 8 Field Dimensions for Lining
Official Under 6 Playing Rules
Official Under 6 Field Dimensions for Lining
CSA Players Insulin Pump Policy (new!)
CSA Players Wearing Casts Policy
CSA Lightning Policy

Laws of the Game

Laws of the Game 2018 (17+ MB)
Laws-of-the-game-Booklet.pdf (17+ MB)
Lois de Jeu 2018 (17+ MB)
Lois du Jeu Booklet 2018 (17+ MB)

BC Soccer Small Sided Rules (updated Mar 2017)

Other Links

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