Here is some important information about our Fall/Winter Youth program that might answer any questions you might have.

Still need more info after reading?   Email your question to:  info@peninsulasoccer.ca



Peninsula FC offers youth soccer for kids aged 4 – 17 (u5-u18)

The age level your child will register to play at is dependent on their age at the end of the calendar year (Dec 31)

EX: If your child is 6 years old as of Dec 31…they will register to play at the U7 (under 7) ) age level

*International Students who want to play organized club soccer need to follow the instructions found in attached PDF document for ITC’s:   International Transfer Certificate Procedures



Depending on your childs age…they will be playing in one of three age categories:  MINI, SUPER 8 or FULL FIELD

u5 - u10Seperate Boys & Girls teams are created in dual age groups (U6, U8, U10)
Home games onlyu8 & u10 = 1 practice + 1 game per week

u6 = 1 session per week only
SUPER 8u11- 13Seperate Boys & Girls teams are created based on skill levels

Home & Away games2 practices + 1 game per week
FULL FIELDu14 - u18Seperate Boys & Girls teams are created based on skill levels
Home & Away games2 practices + 1 game per week
*Depending on registration levels (u5-u10) Co-ed teams may be formed 
*Depending on registration levels (u11-u18) dual age group teams may be formed or teams may be pooled with a neighbouring club

Please view the LISA Levels of Play PDF for more info    Lower Island Soccer Association Levels of Play



u6TBD for 2023/2024TBD for 2023/202445 minBlue Heron
u8Tuesday5:15pm75 minBlue Heron
u10Wednesday5:15pm75 minBlue Heron
Super 8Mon/Wed
60 - 90 minutesBlue Heron/Iroquois Park/Alexander
Full FieldMon/Wed
60- 90 minutesBLue Heron/Iroquois Park/Alexander
*Pooled teams with another club should alternate practice locations each week between PFC and the other club’s practice field
*The above-listed practice times are based on the previous season only.  All attempts will be made to keep these days/times the same each year…however, practice schedules for the current year can be dictated by how many teams the club will be fielding…and as such may change from what is listed.
*The previous years’ practice schedule (for reference) can be found on our schedules tab  SCHEDULES



All teams will have one scheduled weekend game (Sat or Sun) based on age level.

U8Saturday (8:00am -­ 11:00am)Blue HeronN/A
U10Saturday (8:00am -­ 11:00am)Blue HeronN/A
U11Saturday (anytime, typcially 8:00am - 12:00pm)Centennial/Alexander/BHVariable
U12Saturday (anytime, typcially 8:00am -­ 12:00pm)Centennial/Alexander/BHVariable
U13Saturday (anytime, typcially 8:00am - 12:00pm)Centennial/Alexander/BHVariable
U14Saturday (anytime between 11:00am - 12:30pm)Blue Heron or Iroquois Variable
U15Saturday (anytime between 2:15pm - 4:00pm)Blue Heron or Iroquois Variable
U16Saturday (anytime between 2:15pm - 4:00pm)Blue Heron or Iroquois Variable
U17Sunday (antyime between 10:00am - 12:00pm)Blue Heron or Iroquois Variable
U18Sunday (anytime between 10:00am -12:00pm)Blue Heron or Iroquois Variable
*Game results and standings are not officially recorded at the Super 8 level
*Game results are officially recorded for all Full Field games as standings are kept with teams vying for titles, trophies, and championships
*Games do get schedueled on holiday/long weekend
*Posted LISA schedules for u14-u18 will be updated on a weekly basis startingin January due to Cup Play and make-up games



All Fall/Winter registered u11-u18 aged players must have a PFC Uniform Kit in order to be placed onto a team.

Peninsula FC Uniform Kit = (Jersey + Shorts)

*socks will be handed out to each team

Uniform Kits are owned by the player and only need to be purchased if a player does not have one or needs a new one (outgrown old size or have lost/damaged theirs)   Kit items can be purchased individually if only one item is needed.

Jersey numbers will be administered by the club.

Uniform Kit items will only be handed out once full payment (or proof of full payment:  kidsport) has been made.

Uniforms are purchased on-line through the clubs PowerUp website homepage under “Clubwear”


YEARLY SCHEDULE  (Fall/Winter Program)

SEPTEMBER – The season officially starts with all teams taking to the field for scheduled practices and games either the first or second weekend after Labour Day
OCTOBER – Scheduled Practices and Games continue
NOVEMBER – Scheduled Practices and Games continue
DECEMBER – All teams keep playing until the mandatory winter break comes into effect ‐ exact date will vary depending on age level
JANUARY – Scheduled Practices and Games restart ‐ exact date will vary depending on age level
FEBRUARY – Scheduled Practices and Games continue. Some older teams (U14+) may have their season finish in late February if they are eliminated from any playoff competitions
MARCH – The season will officially come to a close before Spring Break….unless a team (U14+) is still competing in local playoffs or provincial championships
APRIL – Potential playoff games for older teams (U14+) involved in playoffs/provincial championships + possible assessment/tryout sessions for U11 – U18 aged players
MAY – Potential playoff games for older teams (U14+) involved in provincial championships + Early Bird Registration Deadline (May 31) for the next Fall/Winter Season
JUNE – We take a break and breathe!
JULY – Provincial Championship Tournaments from previous season if any teams still playing + Registration Deadline  (July 31) for the next Fall/Winter Season
AUGUST –  Team formation begins with possible additional assessment or tryout sessions for U11 -­‐U18 aged players