Fall/Winter  (Sept – March)

Our regular soccer program  for players aged  4 yrs – 17 yrs  (as of Dec 31 for the calendar year the program begins) where teams are formed and weekly practices and/or games take place.

*Please visit our FAQ page to get more information about our Fall/Winter program (practice times and game locations etc…)


Spring (April – June)

Entry Level Soccer training geared towards players aged  4 yrs to 9 yrs (as of Dec 31 for the calendar year the program begins)  who are newer to the game or want to keep playing once our Fall/Winter season ends.


Additional training for registered players who want a  little bit extra.

Programs (Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer…if offered)  will be dependent on registration levels.


If you have any registration questions, please send an emai to:


Fall/Winter  (Sept – March)

Based on registration numbers and interest…Peninsula FC offers a senior program for adult men and women in the following adult leagues: