Peninsula Soccer Association

Board Meeting: May 15, 2003, Thrifty’s Board Room, 7:15 p.m.

In Attendance: Dan Perrin, Sharon Guenther, Kim Erb, Peter Stepaniuk, Alan Neville-Rutherford, Helen Christiansen, Eric Bye, Al Coccola, Dixie Allan, Mike Taylor, Lester Jacob, Alex Campbell, Nick Ollis, Nancy Fredeen, Greg Simmons

Guests: Bill Ehman, Brett Hyslop

Call to Order at 7:20 p.m.

Additions: #18-Tournament U13 Mini and #19 Goals at Panoramo/Stellys

Approval of Agenda (Dixie, Peter)

Approval of Minutes (Lester, Kim)

Nick Ollis, Treasurer accepted the position but is resigning. Computer he owns is not compatible with previous Treasurer plus the position entails many hours of accounting type work which he felt was better suited to someone with an accounting background. As discussion progressed around the fact that maybe an accountant could be hired to fill the role and Nick would do the day to day deposits etc. This was acceptable to Nick. Dan will look into finding an alternative solution to this problem.

MOTION: To rescind the existing signing officers and appoint the new signing officers: President: Dan Perrin, Secretary: Sharon Guenther, Treasurer: Nick Ollis, Vice-President: Al Coccola (Alex, Helen) PASSED

Board Operation Proposal: Dan brought forward a Proposal of how he felt a board should operate. Copies had been emailed to board members previous to the meeting. Dan felt we were always fighting fires instead of focusing on how to progress as a club and that we needed a vision of where we would be in 5 years. We needed to concentrate on Facility Development and Field Development. He felt a committee system would work to our benefit. So discussion centered around selecting an Operation Committee, Strategic Committee and the already existing Technical Committee. Each Board member spoke on which committee they would choose.

Operations: Alan,Peter,Mike,Sharon,Helen,Al,Dan.

Strategic: Lester,Kim,Greg,Peter,Dan

Dan further discussed the fact that maybe 14 members on the Board was not enough that we could change the constitution to admit more members.

A Calendar of Events should be posted on the Web. This would include Schedule of meetings, AGM, Coaches meetings, any other information meetings and events we know of before they happen. In the past we seem to scramble because an event had come upon us before we knew it.

With these committees that had been set up a report will be submitted to the Board meetings with the results.

Policy changes may be required. Policies should be looked at and reviewed for clarity and accuracy.

Dan completed his comments and opened the discussion to the floor for Board input. All people were in agreement. Alex and Greg spoke on how well Dan prepared the report with a great deal of thought and effort. Board voted to proceed with Committees. Operation Meeting is scheduled for June 5 7PM at Thrifty’s Board Room, Strategic Meeting June 12 at 7PM at Thrifty’s Board room. Please be in attendance if I missed anyone off the committee please show up at one or the other or both if you wish. You do not have to be a board member to attend.

MOTION: To accept the proposal in principle and establish the committee’s. (Alex, Alan) PASSED

Coach Selection Committee: Dave, Lester, Brett and Nancy are on the Committee. MOTION: To appoint Eric Bye to the coach Selection Committee (Greg,Mike) PASSED

Volunteer Positions: Volunteers are still needed for some key positions. Require a Gym Scheduler, Sue Ball’s name was mentioned and she will be contacted to see if this positions can be filled by Sue. Goals have to be moved off Iroquois. Greg was appointed as Risk Manager.

Requests to play up or down: Dixie discussed letters received from parents regarding 2 players wishing to move up and 1 player wishing to move down. Dixie said that in order to move downwards approval must be received from BC Soccer. The Board agreed that in order to move up it was subject to availability. If there is space then it is no problem but if all positions are filled then there is no chance to move upwards. This issue will be resolved once all players are placed on teams.

Contract was signed by Brett Hyslop.

Bill Ehman handed out the Invitation to Tender for removing the lights from Iroquois and to be moved to Alexander. Bill has done some extensive research on this issue. He has worked with the Municipality and the people who live around Alexander to come to some agreement. Bill has around 4 or 5 people who are bidding for the job. He noted that the job has increased in cost since he looked into this same issue two years ago. He will come back to us with the bidder he feels will do the best job for us for an agreed upon price. This will proceed upon board approval.

Bill mentioned that on Blue Heron the fertilizing has been done and that 6K will go toward bathroom facilities by the Saanich Municipality.


Nancy Fredeen discussed the issues around their track team. They have 60 members and no home field. She discussed the field at Parklands and the fact that it was in disrepair. They would like to join with Peninsula Soccer in fixing, or finding a new location for their track events. The Board members agreed that we would work with the Track Association on scoping out fields and working together on the Strategic Committee to resolve some of the issues.

President of the Victoria Athletic Association called Dan to ask if they could be a sponsor for a U17 or U18 or U21 team. The Board agreed this would be okay. We would not turn down any sponsors.

The board agreed that the U14 Boys could operate a Barbecue tent at Brentwood days. The boys are hoping to raise enough money to buy team outfits. If more money is raised than necessary the excess will revert to the club. Lester agreed that they would put up a sign to say that the funds would go to the U14 boys team so there would be no misunderstanding.

Half Day Camp with Drew Freguson was not supported by the Club. Discussion centered on the fact that camps are supported by players of our club but the actual organizing of the camp will not be done by anyone on the Board.

Dan discussed the LISA AGM. At the meeting they discussed cup finals and field sharing.

Host for the LISA tournaments has been shelved for now. We will discuss at meetings in the future.

Lester discussed the mini tournament U13 boys at Centennial on Aug 23 and 24.

Goals- Panorama thanked Peninsula for the use of our goals.

MOTION TO ADJOURN (Kim,Alan) PASSED (10:25p.m.)