Board Meeting: March 27, 2003, Thrifty's board room

In Attendance: Sharon Guenther, Dixie Allan, Kim Erb, Deb Wilson, Mike Taylor, Dave Erb, Sue Woodward, Lorne Shaw, Alex Campbell, Dan Perrin, Greg Simmons, Peter Stepaniuk, Angus Duncan, Sue-Ann Ball, Heather McAdam


Call to order: 7:15 pm

Approval of Agenda (Alex, Sharon)

Approval of minutes (Dan, Sharon)

Business arising from minutes:

b.) Dan sent a letter to the parent with the inappropriate behaviour. Parents sent letters to parents complaining about the playing time policy.

c.) Christina will be sending letters of thanks to sponsors.

e.) Registration fee changes of other clubs were circulated amongst board members.

f.) Discussion regarding policy for private advertisement in PSA newsletter.

Motion: There will be a cost for an advertising spot in our newsletter (ie. $25-$50.00). Thrifty's will be exempt from this cost in view of their enormous sponsorship to PSA. The new fee schedule will be discussed with Christina and presented in the next newsletter. Corporations interested in advertising require approval from the board or the sponsorship committee.

(Sharon, Kim)

g.) Andrew Morton requesting to fill a spot on the coach selection committee.

h.) Discussion re: abusing referees. Code of Conduct needs to be reviewed and discussion will continue at next meeting.

New business:

Members have copies of last years budget and Cash Flow Report to Feb. 28/03 was circulated. Budget will need to reflect the new LISA policy for numbering of uniforms by 2004. All budget requests are to be sent by email to the treasurer before 2 weeks prior to the AGM.

Discussion regarding contract with World Cup Soccer.

Motion: The contract will be amended as follows:

Article 2.6 "…..It is agreed between the parties that any outside coaching assistance shall be (a) complimentary to the program and not a duplication of services, and (b) retained in a similar manner as World Cup, as determined by the technical committee.

Article 2.6 (1) "……and it is further acknowledged that CSA controls certification." (Dan, Alex)

Discussion regarding the technical committee and who should be managing it in the interim before official appointment at the AGM. Kerry Taylor notified Lorne of his desire to participate in the technical committee. We will ask Kerry if he will manage it now in the interim, for assessments, etc. Members indicated that Eric Bye, Peter Gara and Andrew Morton also have expressed an interest in the technical committee.

Assessments: We will consider Wain Rd or Alexander for assessments as Iroquois will not be available. Brett suggested that the coaches meet with him to evaluate the players prior to assessments.

Al Coccola has prepared the certificates for 'graduating players" to be presented at the AGM.

Field allocation: Discussion regarding equal share of fields. Members agreed to leave the field allocation schedule as it is for next year.

First time coaches: Will be encouraged to attend the annual coaches meeting in Sept. Also Angus will post a "new coaches" reference on our web site.

First Nations Team: PSA will no longer sponsor the First Nations team. Individuals players can continue to register with PSA.

Jamboree schedule is ready. U12 girls will be playing at Stellys. All nets require pick up and delivery-Peter will assume responsibility.

AGM is booked for 7:00 pm at Theo's April 17, 2003. Everyone requires a written report to be submitted for circulation the attendees (approx 100). Members are requested to submit reports to the secretary by Monday April 14/03. Members suggested a poster board to display team successes.

Traveling Funds:

Motion: We will reimburse the Saltspring team for ferry fare for a game they attended to find a team not available. (Sue, Peter)

Motion: For cup play, PSA will fund $150.00 per team for a day trip involving ferry costs to the mainland. (Sue, Heather)

Motion: U14 girls gold team can keep the $ they earned from the 50/50 draw at the u11 tourney. (Sue, Dave)

k.) Drew Ferguson summer day camp:

Motion: We will proceed to bring the specs to the technical committee for approval. (Peter, Dave)

Please notify all coaches that team uniform returns will be required at the locker April 12 &13 from 11:00-2:00. Players still using their uniforms for cup lay are exempt. All other teams must meet this request.

Directors reports:

Sue: Heather Huck will replace Sue as the girls coordinator for next year!

Dave: The Class 5 ref course for May is booked full.

Mike: A weekend indoor soccer tourney at panorama have requested the use of our balls. Members agreed.

Dixie: U21's registration fee for the upcoming season will be $155.00. U21 girls may be registering but we don't know yet if there will be enough for a team therefore we will put them on a list and not take $ until confirmed.

Alex: The 6x12 nets will be moved to a permanent location.

Lorne: There will not be tiering of u12 girls this upcoming season. LISA has scholarships available that our members can apply for.

Adjournment: 2210 hours.