Board Meeting: February 25, 2003 7:15 pm, Thrifty's board room

In Attendance: Dan Perrin, Angus Duncan, Alex Campbell, Sharon Pearce, Peter Stephaniuk, Dixie Alan, Heather McAdam, Alan Neville Rutherford, Dave Erb, Nancy Fredeen, Mike Taylor, Lester Jacob, Christine Peacock.


Call to order-7:15 pm

Approval of Agenda (Heather/Dave)

Approval of minutes-(Alan/Alex)

Business arising from minutes: None

New business:

Discussion regarding interpretation of policy for cup playing time. Several members agreed that the current wording of the policy ("coaches discretion") was unclear. Historical look at the minutes (fall 2001) identified that the minimum cup playing time for U12 was 10 minutes per half.

Motion: All gold players from U12-U16 inclusive must play a minimum of 1/2 of the game in league play and a minimum 10 minutes per half in cup games.

U17 gold and higher must play a minimum 30 minutes per game (ie.15 minutes per 1/2) in all games, league play and cup games.

Bronze and Silver players at all ages must have play equal playing time in all games, both cup and league play. (Dave/Nancy)

U12 Gold cup play: Discussion and letters regarding an inappropriate outburst from a U12 player's parent following a cup game.

Motion: In keeping with step 1 of the PSA discipline policy, the board appoints the acting chair (Dan Perrin) to verbally notify the involved parent of the inappropriate conduct. (Alex/Mike)

Discussion and letters related to complaints about U12 players not receiving the minimum cup playing time.

Motion: Peter will send a letter to the U12 coach endorsing and supporting his coaching but clarifying the rewritten policy for future. Peter will also send letters to the involved parents expressing our regret for the confusion with the current policy and providing them with the current rewritten policy.


Fundraising: Christina reported that their sponsorship team (Kerry, Christina, Denise) have already received approximately $10,000 revenue from corporate sponsors, with possible more to come! This is a significant improvement over recent years and we thank our sponsorship team for their efforts and success.

Plans: Coordinators please advise your coaches:

All coaches should call their sponsor and invite them to a team game and to the wine & cheese in their honour at the Jamboree (see item j below)

The executive should send a letter of thanks, endorsed by our president, to all sponsors and include a sponsorship form for the upcoming season.

Head coach position: Alex distributed the RFP, the "Interview Questions", and the "Report Recommendation of Head Coach by the Selection Committee" for members' review. Discussion followed.


We, the Head Coach Committee, move that Brett Hyslop (World Cup Soccer) be hired as PSA Head Coach, effective April 1, 2003 to a period ending March 31, 2005, subject to performance criteria to be defined in the contract.

We further move that a Technical Committee of PSA be established, that this Committee reports to the Board and that the Head Coach reports to this Committee for technical direction and organizational requirements, and that this Committee be elected by the PSA membership at the AGM and that "ideally" Committee members hold no other position in PSA.

We move that the Technical Committee establish a budget of not less than $16,000/year for player and coach development under Head Coach, Brett Hyslop, and that the Technical Committee and Board shall consider increasing PYSA total budget for coaching development. With an increase, the Technical committee would be authorized to hire coaching talent as deemed appropriate by the Board and Committee to: address key age groups or to provide formal certifications in-house.


Discussion followed. Anyone with suggestions for the Head Coach contract should contact Greg Simmons and/or Dan Perrin, who have agreed to act as committee to negotiate and draft a contract for approval by the Board. The timeline for at least an agreement in principle to be in place is March 31, 2003.

Fee changes:

Motion: At the AGM, we will propose a motion to increase the uniform deposit to $60.00 to reflect the replacement costs of the new uniforms. (Dixie/Heather)

Motion: Following Dixie's review of other clubs' registration fees, we will increase our yearly registration fees by $10.00 per player or $25.00 per family. (Lester/Peter)

Newsletter submission deadline is March 5, 2003. We will include our need for incoming board members and Technical Committee members.

Coaches for next year:

Motion: The deadline for coaches' applications is also the deadline for all related submissions of reference, etc. (Dave/Heather)

Motion: The coach selection committee will consist of the Head Coach, Lester Jacob, Dave Erb, Nancy Fredeen, and Debbie Wilson was nominated in her absence*. The committee will select the incoming coaches for the upcoming year and present their findings to the board as a final decision. (Lester/Alex) *Following this meeting, Debbie Wilson declined the position, therefore there is an opening available for a volunteer to sit on the coach selection committee.

Referees: Discussions regarding the abuse of referees and the subsequent loss of willing referee volunteers. We will propose to develop a board policy to address the code of conduct related to referees.

Motion: PSA will run an add in the newspaper in August seeking referees with an offer to train them. (Alan/Heather)

U11 tourney planning March 22-23, 2003.

VIP wine & cheese during Jamboree March 29/30th: Alex will arrange to have a couple of tents set up around the north side of Centennial field to host a wine & cheese from 2-5pm on the Saturday. We will invite our sponsors, politicians from Sidney, North Saanich and Central Saanich, the Memorial Parks Society and the Parks and Recreation Commission.

Motion: We will budget for $600.00 to host a wine & cheese at our Jamboree. (Alex/Heather)

Entertainment books: Deleted from Agenda

Alternative practise fields: Postponed until next board meeting.

We will notify Lorne and Gord Rogers that we are in agreement to allow baseball to work on Brentwood field March 22, 2003.

Field acquisition template: Postponed until next board meeting.

AGM date: Scheduled for April 17, 2003. Lorne to reserve Theo's meeting room.

Returning executive: There are 3-4 board members not returning for next season that will need volunteer replacements, as well as 3 more volunteers for the new Technical Committee.

Next meeting date will be March 27, 2003 changed from the usual 3rd Thurs due to Spring break.

Report from Presidents meeting: Postponed until next board meeting.

Catholic Church property. Letter received from the Catholic Church offering an extension to our purchase agreement offer.

Motion: The secretary of PSA will reply to the Catholic Church in writing to notify them that we are unable to accept the extension. (Alan/Angus)

Directors reports:

Dave: Drew Ferguson clinic scheduled for this upcoming March 1 weekend. Also, we need permission to move 1 set of goal posts from Iroquois to accommodate the clinic.

Sharon: Cash Flow Report tabled for next board meeting.

Adjournment: 10:25 pm.