Board Meeting: Jan. 16, 2003, 7:15 pm, Thrifty's board room

In Attendance: Lorne Shaw, Alex Campbell, Mike Taylor, Angus Duncan, Dave Erb, Dixie, Greg Simmons, Alan Neville-Rutherford, Dan Perrin, Kerry Taylor, Heather McAdam, Sue Woodward, Nancy Fredeen, Debbie , Kim Erb, Brett Hyslop



Call to order-7:20 pm.

Approval of Agenda (Sue/Heather)

Approval of minutes-(Sue/Heather)

Business arising from minutes:

5.(e) The girls U21 division won't be starting in the spring but hopefully in the fall.

New business:

Head Coach position for next year:

Three parties have been short listed by the committee. The board concurred that "delivery and availability" are our first priority over technical skills. The new contract for next season will commence Apr. 1, 2003. The committee will aim for a final recommendation by Feb.'s board meeting. Greg Simmons will work towards the development of a standard RFP and contract for future club use.

Thrifty's Sidney has offered a soccer ball to every player who registers for next season during our March 29/03 Jamboree weekend! Additionally, Thrifty's has offered a 3 minute shopping spree for one of the raffle prizes.

Gaming funds: Last year gaming funds were used approximately as follows: $6,000-coach and player development, $18,000-registration fees to Lower Island, $2,000-field supplies, $4,000-equipment, $7,000-uniforms, $1,000-travel for cup team.

LISA soccer academy: A member expressed concern about LISA getting into the business of soccer academies.

Special clinic with guest coaches is being offered to the girls on Jan. 24 from 9:30-4:00. The board agrees to make Centennial Park available for that clinic and shuffle other games as necessary. Dave will follow up with Leslie.

Lion's field update: ALC has again refused the exemption from ALR. It was suggested that we go along with the Lions and the municipality to purchase the property regardless in hopes that the municipality will eventually get the zoning changed. The board determined that the AGM vote only allowed us to move forward if ALC approval was reached. Lorne will follow up with the municipal councilor.

Motion: PSA will increase the referee's budget by $8,000 to complete the season. (Dave/Heather)

U11 tourney update: Booked for March 22/03 as a free tourney offered by LowerIisland to introduce the players to 11 aside.

Head coach: Discussions re: organization, scheduling, availability. Treasurer reports we have currently used up $10,000 of our AGM approved $15,000 budget so far.

Brett distributed his report of upcoming clinics for next 3 weeks.

Further discussion about the difficulties of fitting in clinics within our schedules. Brett was asked to provide in writing what he needs from us.

Motion: As of Jan.1/03, the teams will each receive 2 more World Cup clinics. (Alex/Debbie)

Field lining equipment:

Motion: PSA will budget to purchase a "lining machine" for next season.

k.) Newsletter: Deadline for submissions is March 5/03.

Directors reports:

Sue: Lower Island website has advertised and has applications on line for coaches of the U12 & U13 dispensated teams.

The boys U17 ConcaCaf tourney is Mar. 26-28/03.

District Cup Finals scheduled for Apr. 5&6 at Gorge.

Derek Possey is coming to do a Super 8 clinic in the fall.

Dixie: Motion: Registrants joining PSA at this point in the season will be charged $75.00.

Alex: Distributed Plan "B" for new field.

Adjournment 10:05 pm.