Players eligible to register for PFC soccer must reside North of the municipal boundary between Central Saanich and Saanich (from Tod Inlet to Bear Hill and Dooley Roads to the Sidney Channel)
*Any player who does not reside within the boundary but wants to play for PFC must adhere to the L.I.S.A. (Lower Island Soccer Association) rules regarding Transfers and/or Releases.


Age levels for PFC Youth Soccer range from U5 up to U18
The age level your child is registered at will be based on their age at the end of the calendar year (Dec 31):
If your child is 4 yrs old on Dec 31 then they are in the Under 5 (or U5) age level


Please refer to the L.I.S.A. Levels of Play document as per this link.

PFC (U6, U8 and U10) teams play in a “House League” with no travelling

PFC (U11 -­‐ U18) teams play an interlocking schedule against other clubs with possible trips to Cowichan, Salt Spring Island or Sooke



Players register by clicking on the REGISTER BUTTON at the top of the PFC Website -­‐ and follow along by filling in the appropriate information as required on the screens provided.

Once you have completed the on-line registration process -­‐ the players registration status will be considered PENDING.

PENDING registrations will become ACTIVE registrations once the clubs registrar has received the following items:
1) Full payment of fees (registration and fundraising)
2) Deposit cheques (uniform and volunteer)
3) A legal document providing the child’s proof of age (photocopy of birth certificate will do)

Only players with ACTIVE registrations will be placed onto teams and will be allowed to practice and play. All registration documents, forms and cheques can be dropped of at the clubhouse drop box (Red Door) or sent to: Peninsula Soccer Association 10714 McDonald Park Rd Sidney BC V8L 5S5

*Any late registrations after Sept 1 – please contact our club registrar to coordinate collection of registration items.

Any questions regarding registrations can be asked by sending an email to : peninsulasoccerregistrar@gmail.com

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: July 31 Any player who registers after July 31st or any current registered player who is still PENDING on July 31st -­‐ will be placed on a waitlist and will only be placed on a team is space if available


Current Rates for 2018/2019 Season

(if paid by May 31st)
Fundraising FeeDeposit Cheques
(two are required)
U5 - U6$155$185$60
(or $40 opt out fee)
$75 (Uniform)
$200 (Volunteer)
U7 - U10$220$270$60
(or $40 opt out fee)
$75 (Uniform)
$200 (Volunteer)
U11 - U18$240$290$60
(or $40 opt out fee)
$75 (Uniform)
$200 (Volunteer)

Fundraising Fee: Pay $60 (costs are 100% recoverable if you complete your fundraising task in full) or pay $40 by opting out and not doing any fundraising

If registering 3 or more family members (youth/adult soccer) -­‐ Family discount rates apply (50% off lowest rates for 3rd/4th/5th etc registration fee) Contact club registrar for more details
Funding Assistance to help pay for youth sports is available through KIDSPORT http://www.kidsportcanada.ca/ or CANADIAN TIRE JUMPSTART http://jumpstart.canadiantire.ca/en/


U5 & U6 = Boys and Girls play together at the U6 age level
U7 & U8 = Boys and Girls play at the U8 age level but on separate teams
U9 & U10 = Boys and Girls play at the U10 age level but on separate teams
U11 = Boys and Girls teams will be formed based on skill levels BLUE (gold) /WHITE (silver)
U12 = Boys and Girls teams will be formed based on skill levels BLUE (gold) /WHITE (silver)
U13 = Boys and Girls teams will be formed based on skill levels BLUE (gold) /WHITE (silver)
U14 = Boys and Girls teams will be formed based on skill levels GOLD / SILVER / BRONZE
U15 = Boys and Girls teams will be formed based on skill levels GOLD / SILVER / BRONZE
U16 = Boys and Girls teams will be formed based on skill levels GOLD / SILVER / BRONZE
U17 = Boys and Girls teams will be formed based on skill levels GOLD / SILVER / BRONZE
U18 = Boys and Girls teams will be formed based on skill levels GOLD / SILVER / BRONZE
*The number of teams formed at each age group will be dependent on the amount of players who register.
*Depending on registration numbers (U5 to U10) -­‐ individual age levels may be organized and/or co-­‐ed teams may be formed.
*Depending on registration numbers (U11 to U18) -­‐ dual age group teams may be formed and/or teams may be pooled with a neighbouring club (Prospect Lake Soccer Club).
*Currently PFC pools with Prospect Lake Soccer Club to form teams at the GOLD level for players U13 and older.
*U13 and up players also have options to play on higher level regional teams (WAVE, VIPL ).
*Players wishing to play up or down in age levels (if not already in a dual age group) must adhere to the respective guidelines found in our POLICIES section regarding “Playing Up” and “Playing Down”.


U6 – One (45 -­‐ 60 minute) weekend session (Blue Heron) SATURDAY 11:00am
U8 and U10 BOYS – One (60 minute) mid-­‐week practice 5:30pm TUESDAY NIGHTS (Blue Heron or Iroquois Park)
U8 and U10 GIRLS – One (60 minute) mid-­‐week practice 5:30pm WEDNESDAY NIGHTS (Blue Heron or Iroquois Park)
U11 to U18 – One or Two (60 -­‐ 90 minute) mid-­‐week practices (MON/WED or MON/THUR or TUE/THUR). (Blue Heron, Iroquois Park or Alexander Field)
*Pooled GOLD teams should also alternate practice locations between PFC and PLSC fields (usually Layritz turf and Blue Heron)
*Additional club run Technical Programs (Goalkeeper Clinics etc) may also provide additional practice opportunities during the season

Game Times

AGE LEVEL*GAME TIMES (subject to changeHOME GAME FieldsAWAY GAME Fields
U6Saturday (11:00am)Blue HeronN/A
U8Saturday (8:00am -­ 11:00amBlue HeronN/A
U10Saturday (8:00am -­ 11:00amBlue HeronN/A
U11Saturday (8:00am -­ 11:00amCentennial/Alexander/BHVariable
U12Saturday (8:00am -­ 11:00amCentennial/Alexander/BHVariable
U13Saturday (8:00am -­ 11:00amCentennial/Alexander/BHVariable
U14Saturday (12:30pm)Blue Heron or Iroquois Variable
U15Saturday (2:15pm)Blue Heron or Iroquois Variable
U16Saturday (2:15pm)Blue Heron or Iroquois Variable
U17Saturday (10:00AM)Blue Heron or Iroquois Variable
U18Saturday (10:00AM)Blue Heron or Iroquois Variable


JULY – Registration Deadline for the fall season (July 31) + Provincial Championship Tournaments from previous season if any teams still playing
AUGUST – Team formation begins with possible additional assessment or tryout sessions for U11 -­‐U18 aged players
SEPTEMBER – All teams are formed with scheduled practices and games officially starting either the first or second weekend after Labour Day
OCTOBER – Scheduled Practices and Games continue
NOVEMBER – Scheduled Practices and Games continue
DECEMBER – All teams take mandatory winter break -­‐ exact date will vary depending on age level
JANUARY – Scheduled Practices and Games restart-­‐ exact date will vary depending on age level
FEBRUARY – Scheduled Practices and Games continue
MARCH – Season ends for most teams prior to Spring Break. Older teams (U13+) involved in playoffs/provincial championships may continue playing until a later date
APRIL – Potential Assessment and Tryout sessions for U11 -­‐ U18 and older age levels
MAY – Potential playoff games for older teams (U13+) involved in playoffs/provincial championships
JUNE – We take a break and breathe!


Peninsula Soccer is an organization that depends entirely on volunteers to operate. A minimum of 10 hours of volunteer time must be contributed over the season by a parent or guardians of each player. In the case of multiple children in the club 10 hours per family will fulfill the requirements. In lieu of volunteering you can opt out by stating on your registration form or send an email to the Volunteer Coordinator during the season that you would like your cheque cashed. At registration time the cheque must be dated current.

Each parent is responsible for ensuring that they meet their 10 hour minimum requirement and that the Manager on your team send in a report called TEAM YEAR-END Volunteer Summary, two weeks after the final game. Send an email to Volunteer Coordinator (Tracy Lawrence)

Volunteer cheques will be cashed as soon as the Volunteer Coordinator is able to compile all the results.

Click Here For Volunteer Information

Click here to download the TEAM YEAR END Volunteer Summary – Team form to record parents volunteer duty for the season