According to BCSA Rule 22:
a) Every volunteer or employee of the Association or affiliated organization who at any time could be expected in the performance of their duties to:
i) be with any minor aged person;
ii) be entrusted with performing financial duties;
iii) be responsible for book keeping or bank account(s);
must have on file the results of a Criminal Record Check completed within the previous 36 months from an agency approved by the Association.

As a result, coaches, assistant coaches, managers, age-group coordinators, board members, etc. must submit a current criminal record check to our risk manager officer.

Please login to your account to verify whether a current CRC is on file. If not, please apply for one. As of September 1, your activities will be curtailed until a current CRC is on file.

Peninsula Soccer is a member of the BC Government online Criminal Record Review Program (CRRP), which allows for a FREE online application. You will need an access code to use the application. Please obtain the code from Lisa Duong at Please do not share this access code with others.

Apply for a criminal record check